Natural Lime Plaster vs Synthetic Plaster

A lot of the major paint manufactures and big box home improvement centers sell their own version of a engineered synthetic plaster that they call “Venetian Plaster”. These plasters can be made with a variety of material including acrylics, polymers, resins, petroleum products and sometimes cement and chemicals. They are made to “look” like the authentic plasters but do not offer the life and benefits of lime plasters. Artificial plaster is like thick paint, and usually dries with little to or no depth which makes it difficult to copy the look of natural plasters, While synthetic Venetian plasters made by various paint manufacturers may look somewhat similar to the real thing at first, it’s been our experience that these synthetics will ultimately fade and become “tired” looking over time. This is similar to the way painted walls will fade and lose their fresh look after a few years. A good analogy is a linoleum floor versus real stone tile, linoleum may look close to stone tile from a distance, but which one would you rather have on your floors? Cheaper synthetics quite simply do not deliver the look or longevity of higher-quality products.