Custom Ceilings

Superior Paint and Plaster offers a variety of different custom interior ceiling options. Standard walls and ceilings can be boring, if your tired of the same old ceiling look, we can transform an ordinary ceiling into something extraordinary. Add some custom woodwork or Venetian plaster and you can have a stunning piece of architectural art. Not all projects are the same but in many cases our custom ceilings can be framed underneath your existing joists and trusses in a minimal amount of space. Superior Paint and Plaster’s custom ceiling’s can dramatically change the look and feel of any interior space.

Our custom ceiling options include:


Archways are an easy way to increase the value and visual appeal of your home. An archway will soften the edges and add interest to any wall opening or entryway. We offer three different styles of arches:

Soft Archways – When you just need a subtle curve, consider our soft arches. They’re also known as eyebrow or segmented arches because their shape resembles a segment of a circle.

Half-Circle Archways – As the name implies, Half-Circle arches are half of a circle. This beautiful rounded look is reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture

Elliptical Archways – Elliptical arches are kind of like a combination of the soft and half circle arches. They’re subtle in the middle and have a more extreme curve in the corners.


Coved Ceilings
Pop-Up Tray Ceilings
Barrel Vault Ceilings
Dome Ceilings